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PwC Legal Estonia key projects in 2020

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What makes us special?

PwC Legal is the fastest growing law firm in Estonia, already including more than 30 members and being among the top of  Estonian law firms. We are building a true law firm of the future, which creates complex solutions and uses most modern technologies.

Our clients are growing, and we are ready for the challenge. PwC Legal network includes more than 3,700 legal practitioners in 100+ countries all over the world – in terms of its geographical dimension it is the world’s largest law firm. We work daily with global clients who have business activities in multiple countries, so we provide a truly ”one-stop-shop” solution for their needs.

We do not just give answers, we create solutions for our clients. Our team works in close cooperation with our Advisory, Tax and Audit experts – PwC Estonia is the largest consultancy firm in Estonia comprising a team of more than 200 people. Globally the PwC network has presence in 157 countries and a total staff of more than 276,000 people. Through our network and interdisciplinary approach, we are able to provide solutions that are remarkably wider than the traditional legal advice. We have unrival experience in managing large-scale projects across business sectors and jurisdictions.

In PwC Estonia we sincerely believe that the key to offering best client service is keeping our people happy and motivated. Our company culture reveals itself in a number of charity events, sports activities, strategy building and innovation projects, cooperation with students, entertainment and team-bonding events, and many more. This has led us to achieve a desired finalist position in the DREAM EMPLOYER 2019 competition. But we are constantly growing and have always room for more talent – join us!

The core in building a future law firm is the ability to fully understand and offer solutions that correlate to the needs of technology companies. We are proud to say that our client pool includes a number of major technology companies and we have the biggest number of lawyers specializing in IT/IP. Our daily vocabulary includes words like blockchain, Fintech, artificial intelligence, digitalization, intellectual property, software contracts, cryptocurrency, cloud computing, e-government, new technologies, IT-related public procurement, and many more. Here at PwC we are also developing an entirely new level of technological solutions in legal service. Read more about PwC LegalTech.


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