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Connect what matters. Anticipate what’s next. An integrated approach to legal services.

In today's rapidly changing world, the winners are those who are always ready for change and able to adapt first. With the help of PwC Legal’s international network, and because we provide legal services that involve more than just the law, we are the best partner for you in helping your business achieve this goal. In addition to providing legal services, PwC Legal connects you with tax, financial and accounting experts all over the world.

Rest assured. We will find a solution for any challenge you may face!


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Why PwC Legal?

Much more than just a law firm

Much more than just a law firm 

The strength of PwC Legal lies in its versatility – as part of the PwC network, our top lawyers work closely with the most experienced financial and tax experts in Estonia and globally. 
We can meet all your business, financial, tax and legal needs, thus helping you solve today's problems and making your ambitions for the future come true. 
We’re one of the few Estonian law firms with technological competence that ranges from blockchains to artificial intelligence. You’ll save time with us, because we deal with complex technological issues every day.

Global reach

Global reach 

PwC Legal operates within a global network of firms, uniting more than 4000 lawyers in over 100 territories worldwide. You can expand your business to any location you need and efficiently operate it there – we’ve got your back. And if your business is local, the knowledge provided by our global experts will help us to help you maintain and strengthen your market position here in Estonia.

Innovative solutions

Innovative solutions

In a constantly changing environment, it’s important to anticipate future developments in the regulatory, economic and political landscape when planning your business activities. This allows you to make sure that the planned strategies will still be suitable in the future. Environmental awareness, social responsibility and business ethics are only a few of the key issues that will require even more consideration in the future.
Our international network helps us keep abreast of global trends and provides the best tools for addressing innovative issues. 
We import best practices and help you adapt them when planning your business. 

International recognition

The law firm PwC Legal Estonia has received high recognition in the rankings of the international legal catalog IFLR1000.

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