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Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies and ICOs

We believe that Blockchain has the potential to powerfully disrupt many aspects of how businesses and economies work; even how societies are organised. Blockchain goes to the core of the role of trust in markets – an area that is central to PwC’s purpose.

We understand how Blockchain can revolutionise a broad range of industries – not only financial services, but also government, healthcare, education, energy, entertainment and media, and consumer markets.

We focus on a set of core Blockchain offerings in cryptocurrency and payments, smart contracts, supply chain, Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) security, DLT assurance, and identity. 

Our Blockchain team is supported by a global workforce of over 5,000 digital experts spread across 11 experience centers in PwC’s global network of firms. Our experience centers are focused on innovation and design thinking, delivering development expertise and ultimately helping one build and implement digital projects.

Our team has been a pioneer in Blockchain technology related legal, regulatory and tax issues in Estonia. Partner Priit Lätt is the founder of Estonian Cryptocurrency Association (2014) and has been a long-term member of its management board. In addition, he gives lectures on cryptocurrencies and initial coin offerings (ICOs) at the University of Tartu and numerous cryptocurrency conferences.

As Estonian leading one-stop Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies & ICO service provider, we offer a broad range of services in the field of:

  • Regulatory strategy and advise for all relevant regulations
  • Compliance, KYC and AML support, incl. turnkey-solutions for digital client on-boarding or industry utilities
  • Facilitation & support on interactions with regulators (Estonia and all international jurisdictions)
  • End-to-end services in obtaining written approval on regulatory treatment from regulators (e.g. no action letter, licenses).
Legal, Tax & Structuring
  • Business registry and set-up, incl. complex legal entity structures, trusts, cross-border business
  • Corporate governance & corporate actions, incl. contracts, by-laws and statutory requirements
  • Data protection
  • Support and counsel in litigations and intermediation of disputes
  • Obtaining binding tax rulings from the Estonian tax authorities
  • Tax structuring and advise (local and international) for all relevant tax categories.

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Lawyers who are not attorneys do not provide legal services but only assist attorneys to provide the legal services.


Contact us

Priit Lätt

Priit Lätt

Partner responsible for the fields of IP/IT, tax disputes and public procurement, PwC Legal

Tel: +372 511 9628

Viljar Kähari

Viljar Kähari

Partner / Head of Banking & Finance, PwC Legal

Tel: +372 508 4777

Kirill Ležeiko

Kirill Ležeiko

Head of Financial Transactions and Capital Markets, PwC Legal

Tel: +372 502 0240

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