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PwC Legal employment highlights 2020

Ensto Ensek AS

Advising Ensto Ensek, a global technology company offering smart electricity solutions, on a daily basis on various issues pertaining to labour law, including advice on performing a labour law audit that comprised a full review of the employment-related documentation of the company, updating those documents where necessary, and resolving matters related to GDPR. Ensto’s project for preventing workplace harassment that was set up by the help of PwC Legal could serve as an example for all employers.

SRC Group

We advised a leading service provider in maritime industry on various issues pertaining to labour law. On top of that, PwC Legal together with our Tax Department, helped the client plan the expansion of its business to new countries and to extend its business by a new field of activity.

Gunvor Services AS

We advised the company providing maritime logistics solutions on various daily issues related to labour law and GDPR. PwC Legal also helped the company upgrade its motivation package for its employees.

Testlio OÜ

We support this rapidly growing start-up, which operates in the field of testing mobile applications and developing their functionality, in all issues related to labour law.

Metatellus OÜ

We helped this company active in the field of programming set up a motivation programme, including an options programme, and draft the documents necessary for its implementation. Additionally, we drafted recruitment documentation for the company.

Clarifai OÜ

We helped this company active in the field of programming start doing business in Estonia and advised the company on all issues related to employees. This included putting together the necessary recruitment documentation and an options programme and advising the client on immigration issues.

EstEmploy OÜ

Advising EstEmploy, a leading company providing the services of agency workers, on drafting contracts for agency workers and renewing key employment-related documents. We helped the client start doing business in Latvia, which included assistance in drafting documentation related to working in Latvia.

Pesmel Eesti AS

Advising Pesmel Eesti, a company that operates on the global level and provides technological solutions for internal logistics in production, as well as for storing and packaging products, on drafting contracts for agency workers and renewing key employment-related documentation. We further assisted the client on going through with collective redundancies.

Milrem AS

This is a company operating in the defence industry whom PwC helped set up a motivation programme and draft documents necessary for its implementation. We also put together an options programme for the company.

Tapvei Estonia OÜ

We advised this company that manufactures bedding for laboratory animals on daily labour law issues. PwC Legal also helped the client implement its options programme that had been set up at an earlier stage. We further advised the client on issues related to employment contracts and occupational safety. 

Scandagra Eesti AS

We advised this company operating in the field of producing and selling animal feed and cereals and wholesale and retail sales of agricultural supplies on updating the terms and conditions of their employment contracts. 

NOW! Innovations Technology OÜ

We support this company that operates on three continents and in eight countries and introduces innovative solutions to the market by providing them with daily legal advice and helping them solve issues related to employment contracts.

iD Süsteemide OÜ

We performed the labour documentation audit of iD Süsteemide OÜ, a company developing technological solutions for the field of commerce, after its merger. We also advised the company on GDPR issues.


PwC Legal advised the company providing formwork for the construction industry on labour dispute issues.

OneMed OÜ

This is a company marketing medical equipment in North-Europe whom PwC Legal advised on its merger, activities related to its employees and issues pertaining to GDPR.

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