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We help companies of the energy industry and energy consumers find the best legal solutions. We have a great cooperation network in the energy sector and long-term legal and business experiences, as we are well familiar with developments in the market and the newest energy solutions. 

Our team of lawyers, working hand in hand with the best business and management consultants, tax experts, transaction and HR consultants helps to find innovative solutions that are functional in business terms as well as to realise even the most complex and demanding projects. 

We offer services, for example, in the following fields: 

  • Main processes of the energy market
    - incl. production, provision of network services, wholesale and retail sale of energy, purchase and consumption of energy, provision of energy services 
  • Supporting processes of the energy market
    - regulatory relations, stock exchange operation, customer service, information and data communication 
  • Contracts in the field of energy law 
  • Legal aspects of new energy solutions
  • Activity licences, price approvals and other regulatory relations
  • Construction of utility networks and works and their toleration 
  • Disputes with other stakeholders in the market, authorised body, the state or local government units

Lawyers who are not attorneys do not provide legal services but only assist attorneys to provide the legal services.


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Imbi Jürgen

Attorney-at-Law, PwC Legal

Tel: +372 529 5932

PwC Legal Estonia

Advokaadibüroo PricewaterhouseCoopers Legal OÜ, PwC Estonia

Tel: +372 6141 858

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