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Financial Markets

Why PwC Legal is different?

Our team is part of a network of 4,000 legal experts working in over 100 jurisdictions. Our unique access to international best practices enables us to provide you with cutting-edge solutions, and also to effectively execute even the most complex of cross-border transactions.

Our unique relationship with legal and tax specialists, business consultants and other service providers within the global PwC Network - which consists of 284,000 specialists, located in 155 countries - allows you to benefit from a comprehensive and multifaceted approach. We work closely with business advisory, M&A teams, tax, private equity and corporate experts, allowing us to offer you fully integrated and tax-efficient solutions, and advise you on all matters relating to Financial Services Regulatory, Securitisation, Financial Markets and FinTech/RegTech.

Working alongside market-leading experts from the PwC network in advisory, consultancy, tax, transaction and human resource services, our legal team can help you to adopt innovative and commercially sound solutions, as well as implement the most challenging projects.

Our team consists of experienced attorneys, each of whom is socially responsible and adheres to the highest professional and ethical standards.


The circa 30-member PwC banking and finance team is a unique, multidisciplinary entity, consisting of banking and finance lawyers, business consultants and tax advisors. We are the largest and most experienced banking and financial advisory team in Estonia, offering solutions in financial regulation, compliance, risk management, corporate governance, licensing, transaction financing, legal and tax due diligence, management consulting, restructuring, and preparation of necessary documentation, etc.


Our team members regularly participate in different workgroups which cover a wide range of practice areas, including:

  • Financial Services
  • Compliance
  • Risks
  • AML

When you also include our practitioner know-how and training programs, our team comprises the highest level of international knowledge and direct contacts to help conduct any cross-border transaction imaginable.


What we can offer?

Our Financial Markets practice covers a wide range of financial market products, with experienced specialists in:

  • capital markets
  • OTC and exchange-traded derivatives
  • central counterparty clearing
  • forex trading and money market instruments 

We are one of the very few practices in Estonia that can provide integrated Estonian and EU Member State, UK (post-Brexit) or Swiss law advice.

We advise banks and other financial institutions, corporate entities, insurance companies, asset managers, exchanges, central depositories, clearinghouses, as well as public sector entities, on all aspects related to financial market law.


More specifically, our services cover advising on transactions involving:
  • Capital markets

Equity and debt issues and programmes on primary markets

  • Initial public offerings (IPOs)
  • Bond issues
  • Debt issuance programmes (e.g. Medium-Term Note Programmes)

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Listing on regulated markets and MTFs

  • Nasdaq Baltic Tallinn, Riga and Vilnius exchanges.
  • Nasdaq First North

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Trading on EU regulated markets, MTFs and OTFs

  • Rulebooks and trading procedures
  • Clearing
  • Settlement

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Regulatory matters relating to capital markets

  • Investor protection
  • Trading and venues
  • Data reporting
  • Product intervention
  • Transparency calculations
  • Presentation of financial information by issuers of securities in the EU
  • EU prospectus regime
  • Disclosure of periodic and on-going regulated information
  • Corporate governance for listed companies
  • A single electronic annual financial reporting format for issuers on EU regulated markets

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  • Derivative instruments

Commodity derivatives

  • Power
  • Gas
  • Oil
  • Emissions allowance.
  • Renewables

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OTC derivatives transactions (e.g. forwards, options, swaps, CFDs)

Based on the ISDA, EFET, IETA and other standardised and tailor-made documentation

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Exchange-traded derivatives contracts (e.g. futures, options)

Including contracts traded on the Nasdaq Oslo ASA Exchange

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Regulatory matters relating to derivative instruments

Regulatory matters (e.g. regulations on the EU’s markets infrastructure (EMIR) and on Short Selling, MiFID II / MiFIR, etc.) relating to derivative instruments:

  • Reporting obligation for derivatives contracts
  • Requirements for trade repositories (TRs)
  • Clearing obligation for OTC derivatives
  • Risk mitigation techniques for non-cleared OTC derivatives
  • Requirements in connection with short selling
  • MiFID II / MiFIR commodity derivatives regime

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  • Forex instruments
  • Money market instruments

Commercial paper

  • Issues
  • Programmes

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Repurchase agreements

E.g. Global Master Repurchase Agreement (GMRA)

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Key contacts

Viljar Kähari

Partner / Head of Banking & Finance, Estonia, PwC Legal

+372 508 4777


Kirill Ležeiko

Head of Financial Transactions and Capital Markets, Estonia, PwC Legal

+372 502 0240


Lawyers who are not attorneys do not provide legal services but only assist attorneys to provide the legal services.


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